How to accept in cpa network

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For newbie, Sign up in cpa network is first step for start to cpa marketing. In this post, I will guide how to join and accept in cpa network.

how to accept in cpa network

In the answer question part are problem for newbie. This is frequency question for ask you for apply in cpa network. I will bring my experience to answer for apply in cpa network and show great result.

How long have you been in affiliate marketing

I have been promote clickbank offer. I have join cpagrip in over year and make some result.

Note : You don’t have experience about affiliate marketing in long time. Some network need to know you can promote their offer.

How do you plan promote our offer?

I will promote offer by use both SEO and paid traffic. My process Choose offer>>> Keyword research >>Promote by SEO and PPC>>see result>> analyze and improve my campaign result

Note : This is common question. In my opinion, You choose promote by use free traffic or paid traffic. This is important question. If you add more detail you have chance to get accepted from them.

Did you have join other network?

I have join cpagrip and promote clickbank offer, and make some result.

Note: You can join clickbank ,cj or cpagrip. They instant accept when you complete your application

How much money you spend in advertise?

I will start spend $10-$50 per day. If I find win campaign, I will add budget more.

Note: Don’t serious about budget to promote. You can start a little budget for paid traffic. Cpa want to know you can promote their offer by paid traffic.

In each network will review your application about 1-3 days before they will approve or reject your application. I have experience accept from adworkmedia in 1 day

approve cpa network

approve cpa network-2

approve cpa network-3

Here are more tips before you apply in cpa network

1.Know your Role!

If you are new to CPA then why waste your time applying for some of the top level private affiliate networks when you know they will ignore your application. There are plenty of newbie friendly networks who cater for both ends of the spectrum and will be eager to help and get you on board, a few of my favourite include,


2.Do your homework!

There are literally 100’s of free resources out there explaining and highlighting the main terms, guidelines and methods of CPA. For example the famous Newbie 411 will explain all your need to know to get started! Do some research and gain the basic understanding of the industry. It will help a lot!

3.Pick a method!

Do your homework and see what method would suit and interest you the most!

4.Be 100% transparent!

Honest is still important. They are mostly industry experts and know how to tell when you are being fake straight away! Just be purely and utterly honest with them, if you haven’t earned anything with CPA then tell them, they will respect you more if you tell them you are new but eager to learn! Tell them you have done your homework and know the basics surrounding the industry and that you are interested in a particular method!

5. Don’t give up

If they haven’t accept you to join network. you can reply their email and ask them have problem about your application. Improve your experience and answer for submit your application again.

Getting accept in cpa network is not hard. You only show your commitment and determination. You can bring my experience to apply in your application.

If you want start cpa content locker without review from cpa network. I recommended cpagrip network. They instantly accept newbie to join in network. I hope this guide will help you toaccept from these cpa network. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to comment in this link below.


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