How to create content locker popup

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How to create content locker

When you can accept cpa content locker network from this post. I will teach you how to use content locker to start to make money.

This is basic for start to make money with content locker. You can create content locker to place your site.

In this case, I choose adworkmedia to create content locker. Let start to create it.


Click tools and pick content locker

How to create content locker-3


Click New gateway to create content locker

How to create content locker-1


First part gateway detail, You can set detail your gateway size, head text or message text. 

How to create content locker-4


Choose content locker layout design. You can set your theme by add image for look interest to click

How to create content locker-5


Theme picker depend your niche, If you choose theme relate you niche you can improve conversion rate.

How to create content locker-6

How to create content locker-7



Advance setting You can set more option for get professional content locker. Click create gateway for finish.

How to create content locker-8

Get this code to place in your site and start to make money with content locker.

How to create content locker-9



When you place content locker code in your site it will show content locker this below. Visitor can see your content when they complete offer in popup. You will get paid when visitor complete the survey.

How to create content locker-10

From my experience If you choose content locker skin match you niche, it will help you to get better conversion rate. Concept for create content locker in each cpa content locker network is not different. I ‘d love to see your comment. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to let me know.








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