Howto make money with content locker video

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how to make money content locker use video content

Video content is great to make money with content locker and still work. I will explain step by for this technique.First step find niche research and hot topic, I highly recommended Long tail pro to find low competition and idea or you can use niche for content locker in this blog


How does I create video?

I have 2 option for create simple video and it ‘s free. It very easy to create a video in less than ten minutes.

1. Create presentation slide with microsoft powerpoint and record it use Ocam

2. Create simple video with window live movie maker


When you finish to create video. Share your video in there sites and place premium video link (with content locker)

There are lists of video site to promote your video








Yahoo video




There are 5 steps to make money with content locker by use video content

  • Finding a keyword or hot topic
  • Create premium content locker (premium video relate free video)
  • Create the Video from your niche (If game maybe game cheat and trick )
  • Upload to video site lists and place link include your video
  • Sit and see your result

The video content is best way to make money content locker. Create video series and lock important or your premium video. I hope this article will help you to start make money with content locker. If you have any ideas for make money. I ‘d love to see your comment.


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