5 reason why make not more money with content locker

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5 reason not make money more content locker

Making money CPA content locker is one platform for everyone who are looking make money online. If you have great ideas and people need it, you can instantly generate your income. Many people can’t make more money. In this post, I want to share my experience and peoples who can make huge money from the cpa content locker. There are 5 reasons why to make not more money with the CPA content locker.

1. Your traffic still amounts less

Traffic is most important for everyone who want to make money online. If you have more traffic you have the chance to make more money too. This is the rule of make money online “More traffic = More money”. No matter what you do, volume traffic will indicate amount your earning.

2. Offer anything is not interest

If you offer things that people not interest or without motivate you can’t generate lead or money. The most effective way to content locker. You will need research in your niche “What you need do to get it?” You try to think yourself, your offers were locking (E-book, content, video or private membership site) that  people need really? Research your niche and join niche group (facebook group, forum or blog) will help you to get the idea.

3. Landing page is not professional

Landing page or content locker page look not professional. People feel they don’t sure they will get your offer. Some offer in cpa just only submit email (easy convert) but strong landing page can lead more people action. I have to try only change content locker popup relate my niche, it can improve conversion rate 2x from same.

4. Not focus offer country

I love to make money content locker because can earn money from worldwide (all country). You need to know each country offer haven’t pay equal due to condition offer and quality traffic country. I will separated 3 offer types, Us offer is the best conversion because most offers are email submit that medium payout ($0.5-2 per lead) and high conversion. Europe offer (French Austria Italy etc) is the high payout ($6.50-12 per lead) but low conversion rate (mobile offer). The offer I avoid that is Asia offer Low payout and low conversion rate ($0.2-3).

5. Not set goal

Successful in anything need a set goal. Setting your goal will help you to get ideas and your schedule. In next 3 months, you need to make money with content locker stable $20/ day. Extension your goal  and go to make $100/days. Try to do it, you will see an awesome result in future.


I believe everyone can make money content locker. Earn money more or less it depends on many factors. If you understand 5 reasons in above, You can make more as  you want.  They are not different other to make money online. You need determination and  analyze your data for improve your earning. I hopefully guide will help you make more money. I ‘d love to see your comment in below.



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