5 simples ideas make money content locker

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There are many ways to create content locker. Some methods need use script or understand code to create high quality landing page that mean get high conversion. You don’t need to create professional landing page. I have 5 simple ideas for created content locker you don’t need expert skill and simple to start to make money .The methods covered all niche you can use these methods to make unlimited money depend on your ideas.
5 simples ideas make money content locker
Free E-book
People need You can create report will help people. Are you a writer of an E-book, or creator of other valuable digital content? Have you tried selling this content with results you weren’t too fond of? Here is a solution. Make it FREE, and earn even more than you would if you had charged for it. Don’t worry if you have skill to write E-book you can read my post how to make money with free content E-book  By making it free and locking it with a content locker, you make your potential downloaders fill out a brief survey before they can download the free content. Each time they fill out the survey, you will earn money.
Talent method

This technique will use trends and it still work forever. Create simple landing page poll make professional. This method is used by those who have a talent. This will include book authors, musicians, singers, etc. Most of these people, if they aren’t already famous, like to just get their name out there. Many of these individuals give away their content for free. Why not make a little extra money while doing it? Some of these talented people are now using Adworkmedia to give there content away for free, all-the-while making some money at the same time.

Ultimate list information
Do you want find ultimate information in 1 page. People want simple resource but effective You can bring ultimate resource don’t find anything with out your site. 100 awesome resource to pro golf. If you create valuable resource that cover all information that people are looking, it has chance people will comeback to find this resource.
Free stuff and Coupon daily
Please tell me anyone don’t like free stuff or save money. Running your own website has a lot of benefits. Firstly, your site will get indexed by search engines (more specifically, Google). I suggest making a WordPress.com website, so that you can make new blog entries whenever you feel like it. These individual entries will get indexed by Google, thus you will have perpetual traffic. For example, you may wish to start a “Free Sports Streaming” website where you post new entries for current sporting events. You may give a brief preview of the event and then provide a “Stream this event live” link. That link will be a locked by use Adworkmedia. You can also do this for free MP3s, Movies, Games, Passwords, or whatever else you can imagine.

Free awesome Photo 

 My experience I will use free photo (you can see in list) and make interesting image. I will use Photoshop to upgrade your free photo as high quality image. I have previous post and show some result in how to make money content locker with photo. If your image are interest eople will take survey because they need to see more content
There are 5 simple idea to create content locker, which I still to make money content locker and generate lead from network.  If you have any idea for use content locker. Please let me know in comment below.




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