How to find free traffic for content locker (Ultimate Guide)

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Finding traffic is important part of make money online. If you have more traffic and awesome content that amount of make money online increase corresponding the amount traffic.  Sometimes, you can’t wait for only traffic from search engine such as Google or ฺBing. The traffic from search engine need long time build authority and amount post to top rank in your keywords. I want to share how I find free traffic to my website to generate income from the content locker.

The ultimate guide to find traffic

There are many ways can generate traffic to your website without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or get instant traffic from paid traffic. I believe traffic search engine because that traffic is really quality traffic. Paid traffic need your budget to get traffic that means you need budget for get traffic.  You can instantly find free traffic from my recommended and will build long term from SEO together.


Forum traffic

Forum posting is great way to build traffic to your website and still my favorite free traffic for effective to generate online income. Join your niche forum group and share awesome content or story.

I always use below site find forum relate in my niche

Finding forum relates your niche on google you can simply use google search term in “forum:niche” or “Niche forum”

There are many forums out there that are online to provide information on things such as:

– Where to download free movies

– Where to stream live sporting events

– Where to get free stuff

– Where to get coupon codes


You can get an idea to create the awesome website and promote your site by place URL in signature. Participate other discussion in forum have chance people see your signature for get more traffic. You can read how to get traffic from 6 ways to get traffic from forum.


Social media traffic

You already have great content, you only need people see your content. You will see in figure. In 5 years ago, Social media is the important part for find traffic from big website.

Social media traffic


Facebook group and fanpage

Facebook have 1000 million people use this platform. As you know, there are literally millions of Facebook Fanpages, some of which have over 1 million followers each. You can definitely use this to your advantage. Simply find a download/product/resource that you want to lock using best cpa content locker network. Lock it and then find a related fan page. For example. If you have found a website that give away free Justin Bieber Sun Glasses, lock that link using  Adworkmedia hand then search Facebook for “Justin Bieber”. You will find multiple page with many followers. Just visit some of those pages and post something like, “I found a cool website that is giving away free Justin Bieber sunglasses. All you have to do is answer a brief survey…  Make Money Uploading Files! /xxxxx (your locked link)”. This can be done with virtually anything, including free movie downloads, game downloads, ebooks, or just cool websites. Most Facebook pages allow you to post directly to a wall as well as comment under the page‟s wall posts. Commenting on the page‟s wall posts that already have a lot of comments and likes will be the most beneficial.Facebook Games – Some Facebook games allow you to type while playing them. This can be beneficial if you have a locked link related to the game. Find Facebook group relate your niche and post awesome content (video, article or e-book) for generate traffic


  • Market research
  • Create fanpage
  • Post interest niche content in your fanpage
  • Update content everyday
  • Participate discussion with other fanpage or group which similar your niche


Pinterest has over 70 million users in worldwide. I love this social network. You can get quality traffic from Pinterest, Make interest picture or awesome picture. From Jeff Bullard guide about Pinterest marketing found 88% people will pin the post before buy something from that post.

How to get traffic to your site with Pinterest

  • Market research
  • Make a great post with  interest picture and awesome content
  • Create board
  • Create pin
  • Place your link
  • There are great board have over 10000 followers you can join the other Pinterest group relate your niche to find traffic


Linkedin is professional social media and have over 106 million users monthly in this community. Sign up Linkedin Create valuable content

  • Create linkedin account
  • Create valuable content
  • Join group which relate your niche
  • Update content in routine



This is a great method if you want to take the time. It requires that you use a twitter account to follow people that are currently following someone else. Promote awesome you tweet.

-Sign up twitter

-Pick your niche

-Place your target URL

-Use Search for Twitter users with similar interests

Twitterfeed is one more useful service you can take advantage of in order to increase your reach. Go to and configure your feeds.

You can read more tactic and tips to use twitter for get more traffic.


I found definition about Reddit from  “Reddit is a social sharing, news and entertainment platform that was founded in 2005. The name Reddit is a combination of “read/edit” and “read it”. The users typical call themselves “Redditors” which itself is a combination of “Reddit” and “Editors”.”

Make awesome post and submit your post in this check your post Reddit post rule

This post discusses case study generate 1000000 views from reddit in 7 days and how to get traffic from Reddit


Cracking Reddit: How to Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Campaign with Reddit Marketing


Imgur is funny picture sharing site.  You have to compelling images that creates desire or interest along with a watermarked URL pointing people to your site. Just posting lots of interesting pictures is not going to help. You need pictures that focus attention on something they want to own, that solves a problem, or piques their curiosity. Photoshop can create an awesome photo with interest quote.


Question-Answer site

Question-Answer site is great traffic source which you will get right audience.

Yahoo answer

You can also use Yahoo Answers to target a specific niche. For example, “Dogs”. You can search Yahoo Answers for “Dogs”, and then subscribe to the RSS feed. This way you will be notified whenever someone asks a question about “Dogs”. As soon as you see that question pop up, you will be able to be the first one to answer it. Now, when you answer, you could provide a resource, such as an ebook about dogs, or simply do the research yourself, and use content locker (see resources at the bottom of this book for more info), and post your own details that answer the question there. Locking your site and provide that as a source for your answer or even the answer itself. You will be surprised how many of these people visit your locked URL and take the brief survey. Not only will the poster of the question be interested, but others that were wondering the same thing will as well.


Quora is one answer question site like yahoo answer. This is my favorite to find traffic.

There are a few tips to effective get traffic Question-Answer site

  1. Find open question

2. Answer with the question honestly (avoid spam) and value information. If your answer is chosen the answer, you have chance to get more traffic.

3. Place your link relate question in resource

4. If your answer is best people of most people your answer have chance to see from most visitor. They will click your link to see more information.


Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of most useful way to get traffic relate your niche. Many blogs which relate your niche already have readers. You only offer the great content with useful comment in these blogs for readers in that blog have another way to get value informative from your website.

Use the blog search to search blog similar your niche or using Google alert and setting  to get information relate your niche and join their community.

Some comment system can instantly approve your comment. I always use phrase to find traffic relate my niche and join their community suggest my link

Niche keyword +Disqus

Niche keyword +Facebook comment

Niche keyword + Livefyre

Tips :  Don’t spam in other blog. You should comment relate and useful in their topic niche. Join other blog relate with your niche. Answer with high-quality suggestion.


Classified ads

Classified ads is a great source  effective way to generate traffic. You can get free traffic get classified ads

How to get traffic from classified ads

– Choose catagory ads relate your niche

– Write a precise your ads 50-100 words

– A few classified ads Use professional image

– Renew your ads in a couple day for rank in first page

Here are lists of Classified sites for post your ads.


Daily visitors: 7 615 443   Daily pageviews: 130 224 077   Alexa Rank: 60


Daily visitors: 1 490 817   Daily pageviews: 29 965 425   Alexa Rank: 276


Daily visitors: 645 422   Daily pageviews: 5 421 552   Alexa Rank: 888

CLICKINDIA.COM – Clickindia Classifieds – Post Free Buy Sell India Classified Ads Online. Search Classified Ads For Jobs, Find Real Estate Properties On Sale & More.

Daily visitors: 140 403   Daily pageviews: 491 411   Alexa Rank: 4795

OLX.COM – Free Local OLX Classifieds. Search and post classified ads in For Sale, Cars, Jobs, Apartments, Housing, Pets, Personals, and other categories.

Daily visitors: 46 203   Daily pageviews: 92 406   Alexa Rank: 19010

EBAYCLASSIFIEDS.COM – Use free eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) to buy & sell locally all over the United States.

Daily visitors: 81 826   Daily pageviews: 384 583   Alexa Rank: 9966

ADSGLOBE.COM – Post Free Classified Ads in United States. Adsglobe is your one stop Advertising Gateway for online classifieds in jobs, real estate, rentals, autos, services, items for sale, travel, events, pets, business, community.

Daily visitors: 41 570   Daily pageviews: 191 223   Alexa Rank: 18436

OODLE.COM – Check out friends and neighbors who are buying, selling and sharing recommendations on Marketplace.

Daily visitors: 115 594   Daily pageviews: 450 816   Alexa Rank: 6811

SELL.COM –, merchant advertising and e-commerce solutions. Buy or Sell: pets, autos, homes, computers, and fashion for sale by owner.

Daily visitors: 11 127   Daily pageviews: 26 707   Alexa Rank: 59904

CLASSIFIEDADS.COM – Free classified ads for cars, jobs, real estate, and everything else. Find what you are looking for or create your own ad for free!

Daily visitors: 87 045   Daily pageviews: 470 045   Alexa Rank: 8146

ADPOST.COM – Free Classifieds @ Classifieds – Free Classifieds for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in the world – free.

Article marketing

Article marketing is Article directory is still work for me to find traffic. Article directories also can be used for creating high quality backlinks by submitting unique articles . Google panda and penguin update has reduced the importance of Article directories to a certain extent but it’s still important. Just make sure to submit articles to good quality directories only. Otherwise Backlinks from low quality article directories can harm your SEO. Created simple article and lead audience to your site.

How to write article marketing

  1. Sign up Articles  directory

2. Write quality article 500-700 words relate your website. Your article need be unique and get valuable to readers.

3. Place your blog in biography

Article directories website I always use to submit my articles





Youtube Video traffic

From Forbe’s report, Youtube reachs 4 Billion Video Views Per Day. Are you want to get traffic from Youtube? Video content is great way to get ton of traffic. Create awesome video relate your website.

There are a few ips for increase traffic from your video

  1. Optimize your Video – First and foremost, make sure to optimize your video which means creating a video sitemap for the video so that Google knows that it exists. This is a good strategy to generate organic traffic to your website. Also,  test your video’s title, a strong title is what entices viewer to watch your video.

2. Participate other channel Join other video channel relate your niche video with high quality comment

3. Promote video via other social media -Feature your online video in relevant groups on LinkedIn and communities in Google+. Both platforms offer groups to share information that is targeted to people’s interests. For example, Google+ has the public community, video marketing which is great place to post a new video.


Document sharing site

Creating a document-based article to upload to sites like Scribd or DocStoc is easy. Here is a step-by-step write guide:

  1. Research your keywords, like you would with a normal article.
  2. Create  Office Word file.
  3. Write a quality article of at least 200-400 words.
  4. Write a resource box at the end of the article, like you normally would. Remember to add a strong call to action to encourage people to click through to your website.
  5. Add links throughout the document.
  6. Add images to spice up your document; make sure you use text wrapping. You can hyperlink images as well.
  7. Use fonts, colors, and text highlighting to draw attention and make your article more attractive to read.
  8. Save it and upload to document sites

There are document sharing site I always create document to place in these websites




Here are more tips for how to get traffic from document sharing site

Final word

You can’t hack traffic or growth traffic overnight. The rule for find traffic don’t spam. As you will own blog, you don’t see junk comment in your blog. I always use these sources to drive traffic in my blog. This is important get long term traffic. Make sure you also let the readers know if you use cpa content locker, ‘You may be required to complete a survey to unlock the download‟. If you have any question Please don’t hesitate to let me know.


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