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Earn money with content locker are same other make money online, you have to good niche and good content. Make sure you will start to right way, finding niche market is important for start to make money with content locker. The successfully for make money with content locker is find great niche and create premium content locker for earn money from this.


How to find niche idea?

If you find niche market, you should to know target niche market. Good niche should have passion and interest make most people already purchase product (In case content locker, the niche have value more make people take action such as survey, pin submit and install program.

After I have read other blog post about how to find the niche from authority site, I can separate 2 types for good niche, can make most people purchase or take action to get it.

Problem solution niche

The niche about problem or issue in people and they want to find solution to solve it such as weight loss, hair loss, yeast infection or etc. Most niche are evergreen niche that mean they are still problem for most peoples. Find the solution and create useful content to help them.

Passionate niche

The niche about passion of most people, There are many passionate niche such as Paleo cooking, Play golf, Wood working, cake decorating. Of course game cheat and guide niche are still good way to make money with content locker.


How to find popular niche?

From my experience to find niche market, I will note niche lists from people of living. What are problem of most people and how can I solve these problems or find the best solution for them. You can also find what any niche are trending by using these tools in below

Google trends

Google trends will give trends What s now people looking for ? What are popular? This is one resource for me to find ideas in each country.

 What ‘s trending

What ‘s trending offer trending content in real-time. You can see trending news in this site and predict how to create your content in future.


This is my favorite social media to finding trending niche and see idea create content. They have all niche categories. For gaming niche (good niche for make money with content locker). I always use this find game trending in this site

Research your niche keyword idea

When you have already find the new niche, researching your niche is also important. You will know your target and offer the best content for them. There are many ways research your niche. In these lists, I always use to identify my audience


Niche forum will make sure you create content to fit peoples. What the title in forum have most view. What does problem are common people?

Use Your niche + forum

Answers question site

Q&A is great resources, which people are looking the answer for their problems. You can identify your niche from these sites. What are most problems for people? What are topics most people talking about?

Lists of Q&A sites


Answers yahoo

Buzzsumo (Paid)

Buzzsumo help you find the most share content in any niche. What content was shared by most people. For free option, you can see only top 10 content share in any topics.

Keyword tool

When I have find the niche market, I will use keyword tool to analyze the  keyword list. There are many keyword tools are used , both free and paid. I have use variety keyword tools. You can see in below

Keyword planer (Free)

This is the free keyword tool from google, have exactly and estimate search volume (Free and Paid)

If you want to find keyword idea, is your choice to find idea this tools. They have all language option. In free option you can see only keyword idea and if you want see search volume

Long tail pro (Paid)

This is my favorite keyword tool for niche idea. I always use this tool for find keyword ideas. This tool will show volume search, keyword competition and website rank in the keyword. Sometime I will see website that rank my target keyword.

What content types for content locker?

After I share how to find niche marketing. I want to share the content idea for content locker, which I always use created for make money with content locker

– E-book

– Game cheat

– Premium content (Epic and content)

– How to content

– Software

You can see more detail niche idea from my niche series post

Finding niche in content locker is not different other make money online. If you find a lot of new niche, making 100 dollars per day with content locker is not possible. If anyone have any question and want to share experience. I ‘d like to see your comment in below




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