How to make money gaming niche with content locker

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I have previous post about how to find niche market. I want to share my experience about how to make money content locker with gaming niche. Gaming niche is good niche for make money content locker. In this post, I will show you step by steps how I make money content locker from gaming niche


How to find the gaming niche?

Finding game niche is important to make sure you go to right way. If you can find game trending, will help you easily make money. Gaming news are great resources for receive new game niche ides


Game spot


And make sure your niche are trending, you can use google trends to predict result in future.

What are contents people looking for?

Most peoples play game, they want to improve your game skill, top player in any game they are playing or tips for easily play such as

  • How to play fast level 100 in world of warcraft game
  • How to get rare pokemon in pokemon go
  • Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough and Guide
  • GTA V game guide

There are still more ideas to create content for make money with content locker from above lists.

What are types content for make content locker?

Game guide e-book or short report is great way to make it because it is a simple you only get document and instantly write

  • Write anythings to help peoples easily play game
  • Write step by step how to play

How to locking your content?

If you don’t have cpa account for make content locker, you can see best 5 cpa network for content locker and guide to sign up into CPA network. Making content locker, all cpa content locker network will guide you in your account or read my post for create content locker.

How to promote your game guide e-book?

There are many ways to get traffic and promote your e-book

  • Blog post – Create content relate e-book via blog post (Blogger or WordPress selfhost)
  • Video content – Create video game review and promote via youtube
  • Gamer forum – Join the game community via gamer forum and promote your e-book via signature
  • Facebook Page – Create facebook page in your niche and promote your content in the page

Gaming niche is one popular niche for content locker, some people can make reach $1000 per day from this niche.  There are my steps by steps to make money content locker with game niche. You can make money content locker with these game as much as you can find new game niche and create content. Finding new game and create game guide is best way for me to make money from this niche because most new popular game can get more traffic. I have find one new game and from my research this game (game forum and social media) will surely popular. I create game guide and promote my content via youtube and facebook. When that game was release, I promote my game guide via facebook fanpage and social media. After 2 days, I receive a much traffic and make reach $100 per days.

I hope this post will help you to get idea and start make money. I want to see your comment ion below. Please let us know, if you have any question.



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