How I use fanpage for make money with content locker

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Make money with content locking have various methods. Using social media as facebook page is another great to generate income. In this post, I will show you how to find niche market, create facebook page and make money.

Pick a niche market

For choose niche. Not all niche are make profitable. The niche should have passionate and valuable can do people paid. I have previous post how to find niche for content locker.

  1. Problem or issue of most people you can find the solution for them
  2. Passion of most people you can find the best tips and guide for them

You can especially choose the audience from specific niche. Often I found great idea from my niche in pinterest and reddit. These social website will show you what are most people looking anf talking

Find niche market

I suggest 2 website to find keyword ideas

Why does facebook page work?

Facebook have 1000 million users worldwide that is why you can make a lot of money from any niche and country. I found a lot of fanpage for make money from content locking. Most pages are trending game cheat and hack. Create content with blogger and place content locker gateway.

Find fanpage idea

There are a lot of niche.  You can use trending or seasonable niche to create page you will bring a lot of traffic to your page.

Example of niche for facebook page

  • Fifa 17 cheat and tips
  • GTA V cheat and tips

If you don’t know how to find niche idea, go to social networking sites, forums, Q & A sites, and lots of sites you often visit. The kind of niche that works in content locking.

There are something the people want,need and greed to have.

How to create facebook page?

Creating fanpage is simple. If you already have facebook account, you instantly create facebook. Let start

  1. Click setting and choose create page

2. Create page name and choose category. I always choose Brand and category

3. Add your page detail, what does your page purpose and set fanpage url


4. Choose logo for your page

5. Add to favorite when your audience like share or comment


6. Find target visitor to your page by set location Age interest and language

Cover page size 851 x 315 px.

Picture size 300 x 300 px

You use photoshop or create free facebook cover online by gravit


Case study

There are many fanpage pick micro-niche. The page can rise the high rank on search engine, you choose right niche,  more like and view.

I found this fanpage to make money with content locker. This fanpage use gaming niche fifa 16 key generator. They use content locking on serial key generator tool. Anyone want this tool, they must have follow offer content (email submit, survey or pin submit) to get generator tool.

Game cheat and tips are popular niche on facebook fanpage. If your niche are low competition or you can find the game will release in as soon and create fanpage before that will release,  it is easy to raking in search engine.

Tips for use facebook page make money content locking

  • Research market audience and content before post your page
  • ฺBuy facebook ads start drive traffic
  • Use this fanpage to comment relate your fanpage
  • Locking only valuable content that people can’t find without your site or important


Using Facebook fanpage for money content locking can pick any niche and country. There are many niche for content locking such as limited coupon, ebook or game cheat. Using the limited stuff help to get increase mu conversion rate. Finding the in-depth of your audience created stuff and purpose them. If you found the niche low competition, create facebook fanpage about that niche.

I hope this post will help to you get more idea and start to make money with content locker, I’d like to see your idea and question in comment below.


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