How to make money content locker with instagram

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Are you looking any way to generate income with content locker. Instagram is one way for everyone find traffic and grow your income.  Now Instagram have more than 500 million users in worldwide. That mean you can bring a lot of traffic to your landing page. In this post I will discuss to you how to make money content locker with instagram.

For instagram, most people use smartphone or tablet. Make sure content locking your website or your landing page need to support mobile.

Are you ready? Let start

Ideas for create account

There are many ways to create niche instagram account. The lists in below are ideas which I usually use to post on my instagram.

  • Infographic

Make simple infographic such as how to solve the problem such as tips or anythings to help people or make short video write below on your post.

  • Funny image

Post awesome image or funny image can attract new follower

  • Quote

The quote is great way for make inspiration and participation for peoples. Find the awesome quote and post it.

  • Game tips

Post the short video about game or game tips cheat or anythings to help people improve their skill to play game.

  • Promotion and coupon

Finding trendy or activity and promote coupon or promotion from it.

Unique gift or strange stuff

The type of post can get get more traffic if you can find strange or interesting stuff.

Road map to make money with content locker

Then you have already find content idea for your post. Let start to attract your follower and generate income  These are my step to create instagram account and make money with content locker

  1. Find niche have low competition and demand by using keyword research tool (I currently use longtailpro)
  2. Create instagram account and place your landing page or website in your profile
  3. Create awesome or interest post, I recommend you use canva, make awesome post within minute.
  4. Use hastag relate your post
  5. Follow people are interesting in your niche, finding ig related your niche and see people follow them
  6. Post content on your instagram account everyday least at 1 post per day for attract your follower
  7. Analyze you instagram post What your post most like, then find content which relate that post for next post

I hope this my posy will help everyone can make more money from using instagram. If you have any ideas or tips, please don’t hesitate comment in below.




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