How to make money content locker with pinterest

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You will make more money with content locker it depend how much you can find traffic to your website. Pinterest is social website which share awesome photo, info-graphic or blog post. Now, Pinterest have 150 millions users. It is good website for find traffic. I will show you how to drive traffic to your site with pinterest.

How to create high-quality image 

Before create pinterest account, I would recommend you about tool which I always create image for post on pinterest.  There are many ways to create image such as photoshop or for I already use for create high quality image. They have both paid and free option.

What are type of image you should to post on pinterest

Most popular post in pinterest are how to or DIY post. In this picture below, They are image, which I create with

How to image:

DIY post:

Hints: The high quality and interesting image will help you to motivate audience to click your website.

How to place your content locker on your site?

I have post how to create content locker page with adworkmedia. You can see more detail in this post.

How to post your content on pinterest

When you have create image, let start to post your image to pinterst

  1. Sign up account in

2. Update and strong your profile

3. Create Pin

4. Upload your link and website Don’t forget make strong description

This is example my image to post in my pinterest account. It ‘s about game tips. You can apply idea for others game, which are trending.

When someone clicks on the image to your website or content locker page. When they need to receive more information and access your page, they need to completely offers. You will earn money after they completely the offers.

Tips for use pinnterest

  1. Don’t use shorten link as, Pinterest not accept these link
  2. Use high quality image use tool like canva which simply create high quality image in minute
  3. Pin more often by use post schedule tool like tailiwind make you simply to create pin in routine
  4. Make strong description will make your image look professional
  5. Use Hastag for your pin

Concepts and tips for make money content locker with pinterest

  1. Find niche idea and research what are peoples looking for in the niche
  2. Create landing page and place content locker code
  3. Create pinterest account
  4. Post link and insert image
  5. Update always pinterest account
  6. Visitors click image to your website
  7. Analyze your statistic


I hope you this guide will help you to get idea drive traffic on your website for make money content locker. If you have any idea or suggestion, please let me know in comment below.




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