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The movie landing page locker is one most effective for make money content locker. This is one easiest method to create revenue. Problem of creating landing page is Affiliate marketers need to know about HTML coding modify landing page match offer wall.  Most CPA content locker network haven’t support movie content locker landing page. MGcash is one cpa network which I’m working with them. They have support the movie landing page. In this post, I will show you how to create movie content locker landing page in a few minutes.

What is MGcash?

MGcash is cpa network which like Adworkmedia, Adscendmedia Sharecash or etc. They have CPA content locker option such as content locker, link locker, product locker and offers for let affiliate marketer promote it. Don’t have account, yet? Sign up to MG cash (My refferal link) When you have completely signup and approve from network. If you begin about cpa network. You can read how to approve CPA network.

Let start to create movie landing page

Sign in your MG dashboard and click pre-host the landing page

Click create new pre-host landing page

Select the movie landing page in below

Click Advance for apply your movies in below

Edit you movie title

Change your movie release

Change your movie description

Change your movie times

Place your destination link

Click save

When you have already create landing page, you will see the movie landing page. You can create landing page a few minute like me.

Example my landing page >> Click here

I have been CPA affiliate in 2 years. This is effective and easiest way to make money with cpa content locker. I hope this guide will help everyone make more money. If you have any question Please don’t hesitate to let us know.



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