How to create game coin generator in a minute

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In previous post I guide you how to create movie landing page for make money content locker. Mgcash also have Game coin generator options. This post will show you create game hack generator with yourself and don’t waste of time about HTML coding.

This guide will help you to create any game hack tool in a minute and need to use MGcash account. If anyone don’t Mgcash account. You can sign up in this link (My referral link)

Follow me to create game hack generator

  1. Sign in MGcash

2. Click Pre-hosting landing page

3. Create Pre-hosted landing page

4. Select Game Coin Generators

5. Edit your target game

5.1 Change game name

5.2 Change your title game

5.3 Change “your game” account

5.4 Change your your game user name

5.5 Change your item icon

5.5 Change your item icon image URL

5.6 Change your game image URL

5.7 Change your game background image URL

5.8 Replace your destination link


When you completely edit your landing page, then click Edit campaign.  This is my game hack example (Crashlands) You can try it yourself.


This is one simple way to create game hack generator, but this option can’t optimize your landing page. I have plan find effective landing page and share in my blog for optimize your earing from cpa content locker. I hope this guide will help to start make money with content locker. Please let us know if you have any question.








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