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Cpa script file (Free gift card generator) from cpacontentlocker

Bitcoin (symbol; code: BTC or XBT) is an electronic money created in 2009 by an anonymous inventor, known under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, who developed an idea presented by himself on the Internet at the end of 2008. By convention, if the term Bitcoin is used with the initial capital letter, it refers to the technology and the network, while if lowercase (bitcoin) refers to the currency itself.

Unlike most of the traditional currencies, Bitcoin does not use a central body or sophisticated financial mechanisms, the value is determined by the demand and supply lever : it uses a database distributed among the nodes of the network that keep track of the transactions, but uses cryptography to manage functional aspects, such as the generation of new currency and the attribution of bitcoin ownership.

The Bitcoin network allows the anonymous possession and transfer of coins; the data necessary to use their own bitcoins can be saved on one or more personal computers or electronic devices such as smartphones, in the form of a digital “wallet”, or maintained with third parties that perform functions similar to a bank. In any case, bitcoins can be transferred over the Internet to anyone with a “bitcoin address”. The peer-to-peer structure of the Bitcoin network and the lack of a central body makes it impossible for any governmental or non-governmental authority to block transfers, sequestration of bitcoins without the possession of their keys or the devaluation due to the entry of new currency.

Bitcoin is one of the first implementations of a concept defined as cryptocurrency, described for the first time in 1998 by Wei Dai on a mailing list.


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